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Kickboxing is more modern that the other martial arts taught at KMAA. It is a striking martial art, focusing on fast action and physical fitness.  


Kickboxing combines the punches of boxing with the kicks of karate. There are a few variations of the sport. Over the past several decades, kickboxing has become an exciting sport to watch and to practice.


In our kickboxing classes, you will find people from all walks of life and all ages training in a relaxed atmosphere. You will see students doing pad work in pairs, skipping, shadow fighting, exercising, sparring with others and generally working on techniques towards their next level or belt.


Kickboxing training is way up the list of very demanding fitness pursuits and has an immense benefit on cardiovascular and flexibility areas. Along with this comes muscle toning and potential weight loss combined with a great sense of fun.

Training in Kickboxing is held currently on Tuesday and Thursday nights. The cost is £5.00 and each lessons last 75 minutes.  The second lesson is free. As with all our programmes, students may enrol at any time throughout the year and programmes are adjusted to meet everyone's need so that experienced students and beginner's alike benefit from the training.


TIMES  Tuesday:	 					6.30pm  Thursday:						6.30pm PRICES  £5.00 per lesson initially Thereafter £18 per calendar month for 1 lesson a week or £35 per calendar month for up to 3 lessons a week

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