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Okinawan Kobudo is a  weapon-based martial art developed in Okinawa. Students begin by learning skills with the Rokushakubo (staff) and Nunchaku (flail). Other weapons, such as the Tonfa (right angled baton), and Kama (sickle) are taught as students progress. This is a very traditional martial art and often students of karate or other martial arts train in kobudo to supplement their knowledge and skills base. 

The twelve weapons recognised by the Association are: bo, nunchaku, sai, tonfa, kama, iyeku, tekko, tinbei, nunte suruchin, kuwa and shu-chu (from tettchu).

On reaching Dan grade, students then consolidate and develop  their existing skills and knowledge and compliment their training by acquiring skills in one or more other weapons determined by Sensei O'Connor.

At Kaizen there is a fully structured Kobudo syllabus.  This syllabus is that of the International Okinawan Kobudo Association,  United Kingdom (IOKA UK), led by Sensei Albie O'Connor.  Sensei O'Connor is a Rokudan (6th Dan) in Okinawan Kobudo and has trained and graded in Okinawa and Japan. All Okinawan Kobudo gradings are subject to quality assurance by Sensei O'Connor and all certificates are issued by IOKA UK.  Training in this martial art is delivered on Wednesday evening.

The class in Leeds is delivered by Sensei Jim Reece who holds the rank of Godan (5th Dan)  in Okinawan Kobudo. The cost is £3 per lesson.

TIMES  Sundays & Wednesdays  7.45pm - 8.15pm PRICES  £3 per class


Okinawan Kobudo - Kama

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